Aristotle Georgiades, Mariah Tate Clemens and Claire Wilson, “The Right Stuff,” May 26-July 7, 2017

The Right Stuff – an exhibition curated by Aristotle Georgiades, Mariah Tate Klemens and Claire Wilson opens at The Pitch Project on Friday, May 26 , 6 – 8 pm

Featured artists: Hannah Best, Sarah Deppe, Eric Ford, Kaylyn Gerenz, Evan Hawkins, Mariah Tate Klemens, Jeremy Nuttall, James Pederson, Elizabeth Thorp and Claire Wilson

The Pitch Project is pleased to be working with the art community of Madison Wisconsin to present The Right Stuff an exhibition of work by ten emerging artist affiliated with University of Wisconsin-Madison.  The artists in the exhibition are connected by a shared interest in materiality and material transformation.  Diverse in approach, each of these artists investigates the metaphorical qualities and the physical boundaries of the things they use. These works, collectively, mark a larger curiosity and contemporary engagement with how Stuff is used to communicate ideas and generate content.

Aristotle Georgiades is an artist who maintains an individual studio practice as well as being a collaborator with the public art team Actual Size Artworks. He is currently a professor of Art/ Sculpture at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. His studio work ranges from issues of male identity, labor economics, and more recently, the changing American landscape in a post-industrial economy.

Mariah Tate Klemens is an artist and independent curator from the Northwest. She has participated in residencies ranging from the coast of Washington state to an Architecture University in Guadalajara, Mexico. As a curator, she has primarily worked with emerging and outsider artists. Her studio practice focuses on issues of nostalgia and lost love, personifying objects with pathos and structured failure. She currently lives and works in Madison, Wisconsin.

Claire Wilson is an artist and independent curator currently living in Madison, WI. She has worked with emerging, mid-career, and internationally active artists in producing gallery exhibitions and experimental events. Prior to her independent practice, she was an assistant curator and head of marketing at Phillips Gallery in Salt Lake City, UT. As an artist, Claire investigates the structures of communication and ritual through the use of kinetic media and sculpture.

The Pitch Project is a home for contemporary art practices in Milwaukee’s Historic Walker’s Point neighborhood. The Pitch Project is not only a gallery for bringing contemporary global practices and exhibitions to Milwaukee, but provides studios for 23 artists who are active on a national and international level. The Pitch Project hosts diverse exhibitions, artist talks, screenings, and events. Founded by Mike Brenner, in conjunction with Brenner Brewing Company (in the adjacent building), the gallery and studios are run by its four co-directors: Brewer; Mike Brenner, and artists; Will Pergl, Sonja Thomsen, and Jason S. Yi.

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The Right Stuff will run May 22 – September 1, 2017