Della Wells opening in the Lounge April 21

The Line I Follow: Drawings, Pastels and Paintings, a solo show, by Della Wells in the ART/BEER Lounge at The Pitch Project, sponsored by Brenner Brewing, April 21-June 2, 2017

Opening Reception: Spring Milwaukee Gallery Night, Friday 6-8PM April 21, 2017

Brenner Brewing and The Pitch Project Gallery are pleased to present The Lines I Follow: Drawings, Pastels and Paintings, a solo exhibition crafted by Milwaukee based artist, Della Wells. Wells explores myths and fairly tales and the complexity of American legacy.

Wells explains that, “As a self-artist, I explore story, fairy tales and myth in my work. And for me a black woman, I find the American legacy is wrapped and layered in story, fairy tales and myths, blinding many of us to the horrors and injustices that build this country.  In my land, black women and girls are searching to be free, something many must mask in America. My artwork much like the American image, looks sweet and peaceful truth at first glance. However, if one examines closer like fairy tales they will find the hurt and pain but also hope to escape it.”


About the Artist

Della Wells is a native to Milwaukee and began her ventures into drawing and painting at the age of 42. Wells’ work has been noticed and praised by many, including Betty-Carol Sellen and Cynthia J. Johnson’s book, “Self-Taught, Outsider and Folk Art, A guide to American Artists, Locations and Resources.” One of her works has also appeared in a children’s book published by National Geographic. Wells has also been the inspiration for other works of art, including the 2011 award winning play inspired by her life, “Don’t Tell Me I can’t Fly,” which debuted here in Milwaukee. The play went on to be produced in numerous cities nationwide including Nashville, Tennessee, and Charlotte. Wells’ work can be found in over one hundred private and public collections globally, including Italy and British Columbia.

Della Wells is the artist for the Brenner Brewing’s Witch Craft beer: The inaugural batch of Witchcraft was brewed under the harvest moon of 2014. Aged for one year in bourbon barrels and virgin Missouri oak barrels.