Archetypes & Iterations by Sue Lawton

Archetypes & Iterationsa solo show by Sue Lawton
the Lounge at The Pitch Project, Sponsored by Brenner Brewing

January 13 – February 26, 2017
Opening Reception January 13, 6-8pm
Gallery Talk with Sue Lawton: Gallery Night, January 20, 6:30pm

Brenner Brewing and The Pitch Project are pleased to present Archetypes & Iterations, a solo exhibition of recent and past works by Milwaukee-based artist Sue LawtonArchetypes & Iterations unites Lawton’s past illustrative works with her more recent pieces. One half of the space will be dedicated to Archetypes, complete with timeless, symbolic characters that are depicted in opera and circus lore settings. The other half, Iterations, will be dedicated to her characters from her science fiction novel. Witness the activation and contrast between the two bodies of work and transition in both her writing and visual works over the past six years.

Sue Lawton is the artist for Brenner Brewing’s Star Baby India Pale Ale. “Star Baby is hopped with Citra and dry-hopped with a blend of our favorite American hops. Higher temperatures and reduced yeast cell counts in open fermentation tanks produce the fruity esters in this complex and easy drinking masterpiece.”

According to the artist, “The mental space of fiction is one of suspended disbelief. It allows for a new perspective on the otherwise familiar. Mundane realities become alien landscapes, our cultural structures become unexpected impediments. Here we are forced to balance ourselves in a state of ambitious reality. The course is less a straight line than a meandering path following curiosity and empathy. It leads to metaphorical truths that can be shared through image and words.

Join us January 13, 6-8pm as we celebrate the illustrative past, future, and the written world that is Sue Lawton. Plus, don’t miss Sue Lawton talking about her work in the gallery on Gallery Night, January 20, 6:30PM.