Mariela Sancari’s Moisés/Landscape

TPP Exhibition
Mariela Sancari

at The Pitch Project
706 S. 5th Street
Milwaukee WI, 53204
Dec. 15, 2016 – Feb 25, 2017

Opening Reception: Thursday, December, 15 6-8 p.m.

Gallery Hours: Thursday & Friday 5-8pm.–Saturday 3-8pm & Sunday 3–5 p.m.

The Pitch Project is pleased to present a site specific installation by Mexico City based artist Mariela Sancari. Sancari’s renowned book Moisés, published by La Fabrica is the foundation for her installation in the TPP gallery.  An individual portrait searching for a lost relationship becomes a blurring multitude of a man constructing an abstract landscape of longing.

In Buenos Aires in 1980, Moisés Sancari killed himself. He left behind a wife and 14-year-old twin daughters. Mariela and her sister never saw their deceased father, the family uprooted and moved to Mexico.  Decades later Mariela Sancari put an advertisement in the Buenos Aires newspaper looking for men in their 70’s with blue eyes and other similar features of her father.  The resulting portraits are captivating in their ambiguity. Whose desire are we bearing witness to?

In Mariela’s words: “It was a very strong, intense situation,” she says of photographing the men she imagined might have been her father. “A lot of the men had a hard time recognizing what we were doing together. My father would have responded like that, and it made me very nervous. The whole experience was so confusing – I didn’t look at the photos for six months after I took them.”  The resulting images became the series Moisés.

 Moisés/Landscape installation metamorphoses portraits from the series to create a poetic landscape.  Moisés has won several book awards and Sancari has been traveling the world to share this project; The Pitch Project is honored to bring her to Milwaukee.  The artist will be present on February 4th for The Pitch Project Artist Book Fair, and to share a keynote talk about this innovative book work.
Mariela SancariArtist talk with Sancari and The Pitch Project’s Artist Book Fair:
February 4, 2017, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
In addition to Sancari’s exhibition, The Pitch Project will host an artist talk with Mariela Sancari as well as an artist book fair platforming her book Moisés/Landscape.


Mariela Sancari was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1976. She has lived and worked in Mexico City since 1997.  Her work revolves around identity and memory and the way both are mingled and affected by each other. She examines the thin and elusive line dividing memories and fiction.

Sancari has received numerous awards for her work: selected by curator Susan Bright to be included in the 2015 Ones to Watch issue of BJP Magazine; she was also named one of the Discoveries of the Meeting Place FotoFest 2014 Biennal. Winner of the VI Bienal Nacional de Artes Visuales Yucatán 2013 and PhotoEspaña Descubrimientos Prize 2014, her work was selected for the XVI Bienal de Fotografía of Centro de la Imagen and received an Honorable Mention in XI Bienal Monterrey FEMSA, with her series Moisés.   Her first book Moisés was selected by several curators and reviewers, such as Sean O’Hagan, Tim Clark, Erik Kessels, Jörg Colberg, Larissa Leclair, Yumi Goto and Colin Pantall, among others, as one of the Best Photobooks published in 2015.