TPP Experimental Jazz Performance, March 16, 2015

TPP Experimental Jazz Performance,
Feat. Artists: Isabelle Duthoit, Franz Hautzinger, Jon Mueller, Heimo Wallner

at The Pitch Project
706 S. 5th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53204
March 16, 2015

An experimental jazz duo, Isabelle Duthoit & Franz Hautzinger have been collaborating in the international abstract music scene, developing instantly composed music and sound patterns, pushing their instruments past systematic boundaries and into the extreme.  For this premiere Milwaukee performance, the duo will be joined by renowned artists and musicians, Jon Mueller and Heimo Wallner.

The performance will take place in The Pitch Project’s current exhibition, Relativity Suite, displaying a collaborative project by New York-based husband and wife, Gail Fitzgerald  and Carl Ostendarp that consists of 27 painting-objects and a 300’ x 11’ mural that riff off each other like free jazz.  Duthoit’s voice and clarinet paired with Hautzinger’s trumpet come together to create beautifully bizarre sounds and noises, creating an extraordinary alliance between two sounds that become one in a transfixing experience. Side by side, Hautzinger and Duthoit and Relativity Suite coincide through the elegant and extreme language of abstraction, where an ambiguous relationship between space, form and structure is created.

About the artists:

Isabelle Duthoit studied classical music in the CNSM de Lyon with Jacques Di Donato, receiving her degrees and first clarinet prize in 1995.  Soon she focused on contemporary music, and has since been collaborating with several composers. Between 1995 and 2005, she directed “Fruits de Mhere,” a festival for experimental music, dance, and cinema in collaboration with Jacques Di  Donato. Since 2000, Duthoit has developed a particular and personal way of singing, connected to primitive sounds and screams, a voice before language. In 2008, she was a resident at the Villa Kujoyama in Kyoto (Japan) and she worked with Nô and Bunraku singers. She is a member of Hiatus, a band for improvisation and contemporary music and works with theater and dance.

Franz Hautzinger studied Jazz at the Art University in Graz from 1981 to 1983 until lip palsy forced him to take a six year break from trumpeting. After moving to Vienna, in 1989 he started to explore the trumpet in his very own and un-academic way. Soon becoming attached to the circles around Christoph Cech and Christian Mühlbacher, Huatzinger became one of Austria’s most prolific experimental musicians. He has worked with many international avant-gardes along with running a multitude of his own ensembles. Through the years, Hautzinger has developed his quarter-tone trumpet to a whole new kind of expression, where he elicits bizarre sounds and noises. In his solo performance, he creates adventurous soundscapes that often sounds more like electronic music than a trumpet.

Jon Mueller has been a drummer and percussionist for over twenty-five years, performing throughout North America, Europe, United Kingdom, and Japan. A founding member of the bands Volcano Choir, Collections of Colonies of Bees, and Pele, he has also worked with musicians Rhys Chatham, Jarboe, James Plotkin, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Marcus Schmickler, Asmus Tietchens, and Z’EV, dancers Molly Shanahan and Heidi Latsky and filmmaker Scott Kawczynski, among others. In recent years, Mueller has directed the multi-disciplinary project Death Blues, an ensemble performing at venues and events such as Alverno Presents in Milwaukee, encouraging presence and celebration of each moment.

Heimo Wallner attended the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts to study sculpture.  His primary work exists as drawn installations while he has also worked on several animated film projects, using an extensive frame-by-frame drawing process. His drawings, sculptures, and films have been exhibited in Europe, Japan and the United States. In 1999, Wallner founded and continues to run the artist-in-residence program, Hotel Pupik, in Schwarzenberg’schen Meierei in Schrattenberg, Austria.  He is both an alum as well as a current recurring artist-in-residence of the Kohler Arts/Industry program. Described as a draftsman, filmmaker, sculpture, printmaker, installation, performance artist and musician, Wallner plays the trumpet when invited with international experimental jazz performers.

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