Opening of Cutting Edges; Aimée Beaubien & Fred HC Liang, Feb. 6, 2016

TPP Exhibition Opening:
Cutting Edges

at The Pitch Project
706 S. 5th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53204

The Pitch Project is pleased to present “Cutting Edges,” a two-person exhibition featuring Chicago-based artist Aimée Beaubien and Boston-based artist Fred H.C. Liang. Beaubien and Liang transform the two dimensional surface of photography and drawing into delicate sculptural interventions. Together, Beaubien and Liang’s work create a fantastical environment within the walls of The Pitch Project.

About the Artists:

Aimée Beaubien’s photographic sculptures are playfully complex. The act of collage gives amusement to the forms interweaving in space. By abstracting representational photographs, Beaubien uses a clearly defined rhetoric of logic and illogic in her creative process. The self-referential objects command an atmosphere exclusive of itself.

Fred H.C. Liang’s aerial sculptures lend terrestrial beauty to a space. Adopting Jian Zhi paper-cut techniques, Liang’s work pulls from tradition in attempt to convey the ineffable qualities of abstraction. The meditative process Liang embraces is conveyed through the elemental paper forms that feel conscious.

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