‘Performing for Cyclops’

Performing for Cyclops,
Jonathan Gitelson, William Lamson, Julie Lequin, Mary Mattingly and Kambui Olujimi

at The Pitch Project
706 S. 5th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53204
July 12 – Oct. 12, 2014

Performing for Cyclops, a contemporary video-art group exhibition, features five internationally exhibited artists: Julie Lequin, Jonathan Gitelson, William LamsonMary Mattingly and Kambui Olujimi.

Many of the works featured in Performing for Cyclops center on the performing artist who uses humor and ingenuity to explore narratives from the commonplace routine to playful and absurd rituals. The performances blur the line between fictional and personal, and invite perspectives on the how the human force contends with courageousness, woe, and error in real time.






In both of her videos, Lequin constructs personas and language to investigate her art practice.


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Gitelson’s wry work documents his last cigarette accompanied by an original banjo score by Nils d’ Aularie.


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Lamson’s videos push at machismo while shooting at balloons or hunting sneakers hanging from Brooklyn electrical wires.


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Mattingly’s sculptural boulders of excess make us contend with consumer culture and mobility.


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Kambui Olujimi’s 2014 film, “Not Now Nor Then” featured in The Pitch Project Media Gallery. His film, inspired by the missing Malaysian Flight MH 370 asks, “If our perceptions of total connectivity are wrong and the world is not in fact flat, then I ask you, what is on the other side?”





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